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Carrier Industries, Inc. has partnered with the premier industry leader in WMS software systems, Logimax® WMS Solutions, to provide our clients with the very best of technology, inventory and warehouse management. Backed by WMS technology, Carrier Industries continues to effortlessly manage your distributing, manufacturing and warehousing needs.

By using Logimax® WMS Solutions, Carrier Industries excels in:
  • Online Inventory Viewing
  • Optimizing Warehouse Efficiency
  • Managing Logistics to Promote Productivity
  • Handling Billing Requirements and Logistics with Speed and Accuracy
At Carrier Industries, we've got what it takes to fulfill all your requirements by providing the very best in WMS technology, along with a dedicated management team that will work with you from beginning to end.

If you are a registered user of Carrier's e-Logimax system, please click here

At Carrier Industries, Inc., we don't just provide solutions, we create them!

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Carrier Industries, Inc. warehousing and distribution

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We Don't Just Provide Solutions, We Create Them!

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