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Our equipment expertise is evidenced by our vast network of maintenance facilities. Backed by no less than 20 company owned repair facilities throughout the Northeast, and working in conjunction with a nationwide network of top quality providers, Carrier Industries, Inc. maintenance staff keeps our fleet operating efficiently with minimal downtime.

In addition, our vast resource of over 2,500 tractors and 5,000 trailers strategically located throughout our various operating areas provides for both peak volume and time expected performance to our valued customers.

All of our mechanics are certified, well trained, and work in well stocked and efficient surroundings with complete diagnostic and repair equipment. Parts inventories are deployed in a rapid response format, while Preventive Maintenance schedules are designed to assure true breakdown avoidance.

With Carrier Industries you are always on the road to impeccable delivery performance with a fleet you can depend on. After all, we don't just provide solutions, we create them!

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Carrier Industries, Inc. warehousing and distribution

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We Don't Just Provide Solutions, We Create Them!

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