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As a vital member of The Shevell Group of Companies, (NEMF, Eastern Freight Ways, Apex Logistics and Carrier Industries, Inc.) we enjoy the benefits of this large organization's state-of-the-art technology, IT and systems development resources. Our EDI network provides seamless transfer of information over our secured network in order to produce timely results. Conducting business transactions using EDI technology means quicker, more efficient business capabilities for our customers.

Carrier Industries, Inc. uses EDI technology to:
  • Automatically process documents
  • Streamline inventory
  • Efficiently process business transactions electronically
  • Expedite our shipping, warehouse, distribution and transportation services
We can seamlessly integrate your invoicing, accounting and KPI reporting requirements into our responsive and powerful AS 400 and PC-based network. In addition, we offer a full range of IT and technology solutions to assure that we not only provide the answers to your challenges but provide an efficient exchange of information between your company and ours.

Whatever your EDI needs, you can rely on Carrier Industries to provide solutions today that will give you the competitive edge tomorrow. At Carrier Industries, Inc. we don't just provide solutions, we create them!

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Carrier Industries, Inc. warehousing and distribution

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We Don't Just Provide Solutions, We Create Them!

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